Social Prospector Pro is a Scam!!

Social Prospector Pro is a Scam!!

Many of you don’t know yet the power of it!!

So let me describe a little bit about it..

Its for your Facebook marketing..

Locate & Remove Inactive Friends!

Scan your entire friends list & filter out friends who haven’t liked your past 10 to 100 posts. This removes the dead weight from your friends & makes room for laser targeted prospects who will engage &  do business with you!

Organize Inactive Friends From Oldest To Newest

Once You generate your list of inactive Facebook friends, you will be able to arrange them from oldest to newest friends. This will enable you to remove least active users!

Friend Request Targeted Post Likers!

Locate posts from targeted influencers or pages in your niche & friend request them. This is extremely powerful because you will build a friends list of 100% targeted prospects.

Locate & Remove Deactivated Friends!

You would be surprised how many deactivated profiles that are taking up space on your friends list. Facebook only allows for 5k friends, so you want each one to be active!


The Post Lover Tool

 This tool will automatically go down your timeline and spread love on every posts that it comes across. This is important because not only does this encourage others to return the love but Facebook also begins to show your content in the timeline of those very same people.

Invite Friends From Other Groups To Yours!

The Group Inviting feature allows you to invite friends that are in specific groups to any groups that you have ownership of.

Send Mass Messages To Targeted Friends!

Segment your friends list based on the time frames in which you became friends or simply send mass messages to your entire friends list at the click of a button!

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